Verizon to correct Galaxy Nexus signal problems

Although there weren’t many complaints registered about the performance of the recently released Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the company is open to any suggestions, according to CNET News. A Galaxy Nexus user made a comment on Samsung’s Twitter page saying that his phone doesn’t function properly. Samsung reps have responded immediately saying that they will correct the signal problems.

Jack Doyle complained that the signal of his phone only reaches -93 dBm. The team offering Verizon support told Doyle that the signal strength issues are being evaluated. According to their declarations, the problem will most likely be solved with a software update. However, the team did not mention when the software update will be released.

This situation is rather rare as analysts who have tested the Samsung Galaxy Nexus did not experience such problems during their phone conversations. On the contrary, the signal parameters were normal with 4G LTE. However, the number of people who experience such problems seems to be growing as many more Galaxy Nexus owners use Verizon Twitter page to require support for similar issues.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook and Google have several incompatibilities, so you may not be able to perform all the tasks you want. For instance, if you try to sync contacts from Facebook on your Galaxy phone, you will have to use a different application according to the Verizon support team.

Galaxy Nexus is the most recent smartphone released by Samsung. The major improvement of the phone is given by the use of the Android 4.0 system which is also known as the Ice Cream Sandwich. The latest Android version is definitely improved because the software preserves its initial look irrespective of the phone that displays it. Moreover, the camera also suffered several positive modifications because it comes with three different “modes” in addition to the standard one. The software was even programmed to instruct users when taking photos depending on the photo shooting conditions and the results they want to achieve.

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