Verizon cuts down price for iPhone 4. iPhone 5 final countdown

Verizon starts the iPhone 5 release countdown by cutting down the price of the iPhone 4. The 16GB iPhone 4’s price drops from 199 dollars to 150.99 dollars. Specialists believe that the price for the refurbished iPhone4 devices will be lowered as well. The original price for them was 150 dollars, so we expect a significant discount in this area, too. 

Computerworld says that a huge number of buyers are weighing the decision of buying the iPhone 4 with a discount or waiting for the release of the iPhone 5. Lowering the price of the latest product in order to clear the stock is a common marketing strategy. The discount is about 25%, which is almost too good to be true. The question still remains whether iPhone fans should buy the last model at a bargain of wait for the new enhanced model.

In the beginning of July, Apple started selling an improved version of iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 is set to be released in late August or in September (it depends on what source you rely on). Initially, it was rumored that the release will take place in September but news according to which Apple UK was hiring more retail store personnel, led to the speculation that iPhone 5 may be released in August.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to have some new and enhanced features. It is thought that will have an A5 processor, a camera of 8 megapixels, plus a mini micro SIM card. A boy Genius report states that the new version of iPhone will not resume only to enhanced features of the older models. It will change the whole perspective of the iPhone concept, reshaping it and adding all new soft features. Apple Insider says that iPhone 5 will be released after the iOS5 and iCloud are finished.

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