Vector smartwatch comes with a 30-day battery life

Vector is a new smartwatch brand from London that has entered the wearable market. The new company is hoping to compete with Apple Watch and the Android Wear by offering 30 days of battery life, an easy-to-use interface and classic watch styling.

On the market, Vector smartwatch will be available in two main models. The first model is the Luna, a round watch that will cost 340 dollars and the second model is a rectangular watch, named Meridian, available at the price of 199 dollars. Both watches are waterproof to a depth of 50 meters and they will be available for sale globally this summer. Customers will be able to buy Vector smartwatches from selected local retailers and, of course, from Vector’s own online store.

Both wearables, Meridian and Luna, feature a mimic classic analogue design, with their metal ling and metal bodies, but also with rubber straps or stitched leather. Customers can also match and mix the straps to customize them. Luna and Meridian looks great with a classic look and they are also comfortable to wear. The displays from the watches are digital, but monochrome, rather than color. The monochrome feature can increase contrast, so it can be readable under harsh sunlight. 

The monochrome display is the main reason why the Vector watch has a quite long, 30 days battery life. So, the new smartwatch might turn out being an important competitor on the market, as it has a feature no other device has: long battery life.

The Vector smartwatch comes with all the functions that a user would expect from a wearable device. Owners will find sleep tracking, step tracking and calorie and distance activity tracking. Luna and Meridian watches can be connected to the user’s smartphone that runs on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. By pairing it with the device, that watch will provide upcoming calendar appointments, incoming notifications and let the user browse news headlines. A great feature is that the owner can customize the look of the watch.

The display is not touch-enabled, so navigation will be made through the three physical buttons that are positioned on the side of the watch. There is no harm, because the buttons are very easy to be used. 

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