Usher Cries Over Bad Father Claims

Over the past few months, Usher has been having quite a rough patch. His audience in court over child custody with his former wife might have been enough to reach the boiling point. Usher cried in court over bad father claims.

Despite being one of the most popular men in today’s world, when it comes to his personal life it’s safe to say Usher shot it all to hell. The R&B singer had a hearing this Monday in the custody trial against his former wife, Tameka Foster.

TMZ published a video recorded during Usher’s hearing with the Atlanta court. Who could have known they would get such viral images? His ex-wife’s bad father claims got Usher to shed tears.

Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster got married in 2007 and soon had two kids. It only took them two year to figure out they weren’t exactly cut out for each other. Besides an age gap of about seven years, there was also Usher’s popularity that stood in the way of his happiness. The thing is that when you have to live up to the kind of image Usher promoted with his music, fatherhood isn’t that easy going.

Tameka Foster, age 40, told the Atlanta court earlier this month that Usher was busier partying than spending time with his family. She also reminded the court about the singer’s attempt to bring home his girlfriend and his drug abuse over the years. “If he’s gone for months at a time and comes back traipsing in with his girlfriend, it was embarrassing” explained Tameka.

Usher denied everything his former wife threw at him. He explained the girlfriend event saying he did anything possible to “prevent any negative interaction”. But for his confusion, Tameka reacted badly than what he imagined. According to Usher’s report Tameka seemed “like she wanted to fight”.

“Of course, I tried my hardest to prevent the situation from escalating…but (Tameka) continued to swing, spit, at this point she had pulled the door open and began to pull Ms. Miguel (the girlfriend” added Usher.

However, when pictures where brought in question, the court recommended Usher to leave his lawyers do the talking. The truth is that at least from the point of view of this particular episode, Usher still has a lot to learn about dealing with an angry woman, particularly when she’s the mother of his children.

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  1. TAMEKA is just mad at Usher because HE FILED FOR DIVORCE from her crazy self and she is using his kids as ammunition to get back at him. What she is doing is competly WRONG! Usher LOVES Cinco & Naviyd.

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