Use Gravity To Lift Fitness Routines

Gravity is the latest trend in sports activities and it is often used to lift fitness routines, according to a recent report published by Reuters. The anti-gravity technology has been adopted by the manufacturers of sports machines because it enables active people to practice their favorite activities without suffering any joint injuries.

Gravity-based workouts have been inspired by exercises that are usually performed by astronauts before space missions or circus performances to prepare for their shows. These activities may be performed by obese and fit people alike because each individual has to lift his/her own body weight. This way, the practitioners of anti-gravity sports will not suffer any physical injuries.

Some fitness managers like Stephen Csolak have even purchased special fitness machines in order to offer their clients variety. Stephen told reporters at Reuters that his luxury fitness centers have been provided with anti-gravity treadmills called Alter-G. The manager chose to buy this device because it is fit for all his clients.

According to Csolak, the treadmill was designed by NASA and it uses air pressure to gently lift the user. Unlike other treadmills, the Alter-G is equipped with a bubble surrounding the area where the user usually keeps his/her feet. When the treadmill is turned on the air pressure gets bigger and the user begins to literally run through air.

The machine relies on gravity to change people’s body weight, which is why Alter-G may be used to achieve different results. People who take part in marathons may set the anti-gravity machine to increase their speed and endurance. This way, they can run for a longer period of time without getting tired. In addition, adult people can improve the condition of their joints and obese people can easily lose weight without being encumbered by their extra pounds.

Clients who have tested the anti-gravity treadmills have fallen in love with them because they are incredibly fun. However, there are many other similar activities that people can practice in specialized classes. Moreover, professionals spice up their Pilates and yoga routines with exercises that are performed above the ground.

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