US Government to Invest in Superfast Computers

The US government seems to have some new plans. The US Department of Energy claimed on Friday that they are spending no less than $425 million for research that aims to lead to the building of two super-computers. These are expected to be the fastest computers in the world. The purpose is to use them in research. 

The US Department of Energy will built Summit, but also Sierra. Summit is going to be built for Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, while Sierra will be built for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. The two projects need no less than $325 million for implementation. The remaining $100 million will go to research for supercomputing technology. 

These revelations were made by the US Department of Energy in a news release this week. The statement indicated that the supercomputers will use components from IBM, Nvidia and Mellanox. They are expected to run about seven times faster than the fastest computers that exist in the world nowadays. 

Summit will be available for researchers from all over the world to use, naturally, in turn according to various factors. On the other hand, Sierra will have the purpose “to ensure the safety, security and effectiveness of the nation’s nuclear deterrent without testing.” The new system promises to provide up to 19 times better performance, compared to previous supercomputers of the Department of Energy. 

The first supercomputers was released by IMB in 2008, the tech giant creating back then such a device also for the Department of Energy. It is well-known the fact that Nvidia has been working with IBM to develop future chip offerings for high-end enterprise customers. 

IBM also publicly revealed that the US Department of Energy had awarded them the impressive contract and they will develop a new supercomputing system for advance innovation and discovery in science, engineering and also national security. The need for new discovery and advancement is without a doubt vital, so there is no wonder that this investment in supercomputing has been made. More details are expected to be released in the following period.

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