Unwired Planet Sues Google & Apple Over Patent Infringement

It looks like Apple is now on the other side of the patent war. Unwired Planet decided to sue both Google and Apple over patent infringement.

Unwired Planet or Openwave System, as they were once known, recently announced that they filled a series of lawsuits against Apple and Google over patent infringement. According to them, Apple and Google “stole” a total of 20 patents from them.

The patents Unwired Planet claims Google and Apple stole pertain to smart mobile devices, cloud computing, digital content stores, push notification technologies as well as location-based services such as mapping and advertising.

The ten patents which Google is accused for infringing refer to technologies such as Adwords, Google Wallet, Google search, Google Maps and the Android operating system. Apple is dealing with a similar situation, with their fair half of the 20 accusations, for violating patens for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, the Apple App Store, the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), iAds, and the location services used in the Safari Web browser and Apple Maps.

Unwired Planet, Inc. filed the lawsuits Wednesday in the U.S. District Court of Nevada. “Apple has induced and continues to induce its customers and/or users of the accused products and services above to infringe one or more claims of the asserted patents,” read the lawsuit documents filed by Unwired Planet.

For the moment, Apple, Google or the ones at Unwired Planet didn’t release any other statements. Although Unwired Planet carries a portfolio of over 200 patents, Apple and Google are going to most likely reach a settlement, than carry the matter through courts. Particularly, Apple which has been pursuing a lot of companies over stolen patents.

While for many the name Unwired Planet doesn’t say all that much, this is one of the most important developers of technology on the market. It is also literally one of the pioneers that broke new ground in mobile technology.

Some industry experts say that the recent patent lawsuit against Apple and Google reeks of desperation, as Unwired Planet is just looking to monetize its patents. However, others think it’s not going to take that long before one of the big companies in the mobile market is going to buy Unwired Planet and turn its 200 patens into a money-making weapon.

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