Tyra Banks Supports Vogue’s Ban On Too Thin Models

A lot has changed since nowadays queen models first started in the fashion industry. Many of them seem to be quite baffled with how the industry has evolved and are outraged by the underage and skinny models. Tyra Banks is just the latest to support Vogue’s ban on too thin models.

Given the popularity of magazines and the overall media with teenagers, not to mention their influence, it is obvious what kind of message they’re sending. Thin, almost famine ravished is the new sexy, outrageously skinny gets you magazine covers, fashion catwalks and parts in commercials. Tyra Banks joins Vogue’s campaign on promoting a healthier life style for models and teenagers these days.

“When a girl is looking at a magazine with her mother, there are these subliminal images saying if you’re not a size zero, if you don’t look exactly like this, you\re not good enough” explains Tyra Banks. “So the fact that Vogue is making that mandate is the beginning of something huge” added the model.

During a toast with everything that models today are forbidden from eating, say burgers and barbecue, Tyra Banks made her pledge in Vogue’s campaign. She praised Vogue for being bold enough to take down the “unspoken rule” of the fashion industry. “Real progress is finally on the horizon. Vogue is stepping up, doing the right thing, and protecting that girl. Perhaps that girl is you” reads Tyra Banks’ pledge.

The now 38-year-old model has become a statement in the world of modeling. She’s got a track record, many beginners in the field only dream to ever achieve. As she joined Vogue’s campaign, Tyra Banks expressed worry regarding the attitude towards weight today’s designers and models have.

She even said that when she was 17 she was too fat to ever make it in Vogue. As the model confessed on “Good Morning America”, her modeling career started with pizza. She was talking to her mom in a Milan pizzeria when together they put together a strategy to make her curves work. “We crafted a strategy for how to take my curves and make them work for me as opposed to me either starving myself or bowing out of the modeling industry” said Tyra Banks.

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