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These are probably some great news for iPad users. The new Typo wraps the iPad Air 2 up in a protective and thick shell and also features a Bluetooth keyboard. However, Typo doesn’t come with a similar price to other protective shells, this new cover has the price of 189 dollars, making it one of the most expensive iPad keyboards on the market. A full-seized key and a flexible friction make a good typing experience for users who will choose to buy Typo. This Bluetooth keyboard comes with a little more features than other competitors, even if they cost less.

To be mentioned that Typo Keyboard is not like other Bluetooth keyboards that are attached directly to the tablet. First of all, users’ need to snap the case onto their iPad Air or iPad Air 2, and then the keyboard will be attached to the rest of the package by way of magnets.

It is important to know that the case only fits iPad Airs and no other models. The keyboard’s magnetic connection is strong enough to resist at some gentle shocks, so users could use it without any problems. However, the keyboard is not strong enough to support its own weight so it is important to not hold the entire package by the tablet-end, because the keyboard may fall of.

Typo also adds some style to the iPad Air, though it doesn’t need it. Even if the case is attached to the tablet, it doesn’t get in the way of the charging ports or headphone jack, but users will bump into the case if they want to press the lock or the volume buttons.

The keyboard is very comfortable to be used, even if it is 5.5mm thick, the keys are wide and they can provide a great experience to all users. The Surface 3’s keyboard offers a bit more travel, meaning that it is more satisfying to type on, but there are no problems finding the letters on the Typo keyboard. The keyboard’s design is clear to be used on a desk, but it also works very well in the lap. It features a flexible friction hinge that allows the user to tilt the screen as far back as they want.

To be mentioned that Typo features a function row running across the top of the keyboard that offers a home button, media controls, a switch, so users can check on the keyboard’s battery life, and a button to call up Siri.

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