Tyga to Face New Lawsuit

Things are definitely not looking great for Tyga. The famous rapper will actually deal with a new lawsuit according to the latest reports. The star has assaulted a process server, it has been claimed, who decided to sue the star. So, it has been said that Tyga actually ordered his security men to beat up a process server.

The news was reported by TMZ, which claimed that this man wanted to hand Tyga some legal documents at the Penthouse nightclub. However, it seems that the rapper was not happy at all with this. The incident is said to have occurred in November. Maybe, the reason why the rapper was so upset is linked to the fact that he was just ready to celebrate his birthday.

The man suddenly appeared with the legal documents when Tyga was making his way to his birthday party. The type of legal documents that the rapper received has not been revealed. Well, the server was removed from the venue and of course the man decided to file a lawsuit against the star. The plaintiff claimed that Tyga’s staff assaulted him and he was grabbed and pulled by someone in the singer’s entourage.

The man also claimed that Tyga was the one who “green lit the violence.” Tyga has not commented on this new lawsuit, so it is yet to see if the claims will be confirmed. Allegedly, the incident between Tyga’s crew and the server was caught on camera, so maybe things will be cleared in the near future.

Meanwhile, it is safe to say that Tyga has been dealing with a lot of legal issues. So, this is not the first lawsuit for the famous rapper. Actually, he has been linked to financial issues for quite some time and he also faced some lawsuits because of this. Tyga was sued by Jason of Beverly Hills for failing to pay for a watch and a chain he purchased in 2013.

Some reports also claimed that the star’s Ferrari was repossessed and he also failed to pay compensation for damages produced to a rental venue.

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