Tyga Opens Up about Split from Kylie Jenner

Tyga and Kylie Jenner have been dating for several months, but they are no longer a couple. Now, it seems that the famous rapper decided to open up about the split from the Keeping Up with The Kardashians star. 

Tyga talked about his split and his romance with Kylie during a radio interview with Big Boy TV. And it seems that Tyga also wanted to deny the rumors indicating that he is currently dating lingerie model Demi Rose. The star implied that there is nothing going on between him and the beautiful model. 

“I’m single. I’m enjoying life,” Tyga claimed. The star also said that separating from Kylie was not simple at all for him. “Being in a very public relationship like that, it’s hard for other people to see you differently. It overshadowed a lot of my talents and a lot of things I worked hard for,” the rapper said. 

However, the star confessed that the separation from Kylie actually came as a mutual agreement, so there was no drama there. Furthermore, it seems that the former couple remains in such good terms that Tyga claimed that they might even reunite in the future. 

“Later on in life, maybe we might come back, but right now I want to focus on what I need to do,” he revealed. During his interview, Tyga was also asked about the mother of his child, Blac Chyna. She is currently dating Rob Kardashian, Kylie’s brother, and she is actually pregnant with his child. However, it seems that Tyga has nothing against this romance as Blac Chyna is no longer part of his life. 

“People gotta let her move on. It’s not my life anymore. When you’re not with that person, whatever that person does after you-that’s their life and that’s their decision. That’s their bed. They gotta lay in,” Tyga clarified during his interview. “That’s life. That’s love,” he went on to say. “People can decide to love who they want and start life with whoever they want,” the popular rapper concluded. 

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