Two Main Game of Thrones Characters May not be Featured in Season 5

Two key characters of Game of Thrones may not be featured in the upcoming season of the popular television series. Kristian Nairn, who plays the role of Hodor, and Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays the part of Bran Stark, may sit out next season, it has been reported. 

The news was actually revealed by Kristian Nairn, who claimed that Hodor and Bran Stark will not appear in the fifth season of Game of Thrones. He made these revelations in a talk with the Australian Broadcasting Channel. “We’re not actually in Season Five, by the way. We have a season off. We have a year’s hiatus…Solely because, I imagine, our storyline is up to the end of the books,” the famous actor said. So, Nairn didn’t know what reason to give to this decision and claimed that most likely this is because of the storyline in the books. 

HBO did not comment on these revelations, but if what Nairn said is true, this means that the story of Bran and Hodor will be put on hold for a whole season. This seems quite curious, mostly when having under consideration the way season four of Game of Thrones ended. Moreover, this will be a premiere on the evolution of the television series, as no other Game of Thrones characters have stayed out for an entire season. 

The upcoming season of Game of Thrones is now filmed and will most likely premiere sometime next year. Even though the book has been finished by George RR Martin for quite some time, fans still have no idea what to expect from this new season that is on the works. What fans are used to are unexpected decisions and evolutions of the main characters.

The Daily Mail recently reported that filming for Game of Thrones has actually stopped, as the cast was banned from filming in a church in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Lena Headey, who plays the role of Cersei, had to film a naked scene here, but was banned from doing so. It is yet to discover what producers will decide and when filming for the series will continue.

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