Twitter Crashes Once Again

Twitter has experienced a lot of problems in the past few weeks. Recently, the famous social network crashed once again. 

According to Twitter, there were some unexpected complications that caused the popular site to go down. This is the second time when Twitter crashes in the past nine days. The event occurred on Tuesday and made the social network inaccessible for about one hour. 

Twitter already apologized to its users for the situation, the social network saying that they met some “unexpected complications” during “a planned deploy in one of our core services.” Twitter has no less than 250 million users nowadays. 

At the time when the outage occurred, Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, was on the stage in Austin, Texas, talking at the South by Southwest Interactive festival. This is a very popular annual meeting of tech passionate, who actually helped Twitter achieve the fame and the success it has today. 

It is widely known that Twitter crashed during the Academy Awards, on March 2, when the social network became inaccessible because of the number of retweets to one of Ellen DeGeneres’ posts. Actually, Ellen posted a selfie featuring numerous stars, including Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others. 

The two crashes however are only the latest problems that Twitter experienced. Only last week reports emerged saying that Twitter had sent to numerous users notifications that they must change passwords to be able to access the social network. While everyone thought that Twitter was hacked, the company later issued a statement saying that the emails were sent by error. 

Twitter claimed that a system error sent the emails by mistake and the accounts in cause are not in danger of being compromised. Well, this week reports indicated that an issue in the system has allowed unapproved users to see the posts on protected accounts. The issue first occurred in November, but Twitter realized it only now. 

The social network claimed to have solved the problem, but analysts say that this should have never happened, as protected accounts have been exposed for months. Twitter claimed that the site is fully recovered now, so users can rest assured that it works perfectly well. 

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  1. Seems to me you really have it in for Twitter. What is your problem John? No one and nothing runs perfect including the human body…

    I enjoy, like Twitter and appreciate they get to what is causing any problem quickly…

    BTW, I also invested in Twitter when it became public, so I ask a little more respect for a social media I have stock in and do honor

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