Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie trailer, new details revealed

Prepare for some hot sequences in the upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward spend a romantic honeymoon and the action turns into horror, the Hollywood Reporter says.

During the Comic Con, at the Convention Center’s cavernous Hall H in San Diego, California, the cast of Twilight presented the upcoming Breaking Dawn, Part 1. Director Bill Condon, who is directing the saga for the first time, announces that Breaking Dawn “is all third act” and will turn into a horror movie. Condon, who has experience with directing horror movies, so he believes that this is an opportunity to prove his talents.

Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart and Taylor Lautner were also present. Pattinson talked about the honeymoon sequence, which was filmed in Brazil. The weather wasn’t what you would call friendly, so they had to film on and off throughout the day.  “It (felt) like having a honeymoon in England, playing board games instead of making love on the beach,” Pattinson said. When the sequence was presented the fans screamed after almost every line. Along with the sequence of Bella preparing for the big night, two more sequences and a trailer were shown.

Later during the presentation, another part of the cast appeared: Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene. The fans had numerous questions. One of the fans said to Pattinson “I think I speak for all of us when I say mnyum, mnuyum, mnyum” while another one, a young girl asked him if he likes “having babies with Bella”.

Actors expressed their feelings about the saga coming to an end. “I would love to say we’ll have dinner every week but I don’t think so — some will keep in touch, some won’t”, Ashley Greene said, adding that they will still keep in touch for the following years as they will have premieres and conventions. “But eventually it will be very sad when it all comes to an end.”

Twilight: Breaking Dawn is set to be released in November. Check out the trailer below:

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