Try out the new Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Maker

Espresso fans will probably spend more than 1,000 dollars to have a great espresso maker. But, for those who drink an espresso twice a week, the new Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Maker is a good investment. This new espresso maker comes at the price of 90 dollars and it is a good machine, especially for those who are consuming occasional cappuccino or latte.

As it was said before, espresso addicts who want a great espresso will not find exactly that in this new espresso maker. Mr. Coffee suffers from inconsistent brewing temperatures and comes with a weak vibration pump.

These minuses will certainly drag the espresso maker down and it will not make it a strong competitor on the high-end segment of the market. To be added that it also comes with some annoying design issues that will make it not so easy to use. However, Mr. Coffee is 12.6 inches tall and 11 inches wide by 12 inches deep, meaning that it is close to other high-end brewers. 

A large part of this espresso maker is represented by its huge water tank, which is also removable and features a hefty 51 ounces of liquid. This means that Mr. Coffee’s water tank can carry a lot more water than many other brewers. Even if it is a good thing that the water tank can be removed, there is also a tricky part in this operation. Users will probably have some problems, especially with the tank’s cantankerous lid.

The new Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso comes with minimum controls. Users will find on the front of the device two buttons, Steam and Brew. These buttons will activate the steaming milk and brewing espresso features. Flanking the buttons, there are placed a pair of status lights, a ready indicator is situated to the right and a power indication on the left. On the right side of the machine there is also a “Control Knob,” which has three positions: coffee brewing, off and steam.

As for performance, unfortunately the new espresso machine will not win any award for the best espresso, but it’s not bad either. Even if it doesn’t promise a consistent brewing temperature, the new Mr. Coffee will satisfy the occasional drinker’s needs.

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