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Logi is Logitech’s new brand to connect devices in the Internet of Things space. The new Logi Circle is available at the price of 200 dollars and the company declared that this is not a security camera in the traditional sense. 

Because of that it wouldn’t be right to compare it with other security cameras and even free security camera apps, for example the Android-specific Salient Eye.

However, the new Logi Circle will probably compete with webcam-based HD models with light security features, including the Netgear Arlo, Nest Cam, ArcSoft Simplicam and Kodak’s upcoming Video Monitor CFH-V20. 

This new camera comes with 720p HD live streaming, night vision, two-way talk, a scrolling activity log, a rechargeable battery, a 30-second video recap of user’s day and a 24-hour free cloud storage. At the first sight, this new Logi Circle seems to have some big potential, but it also has some flaws. 

Some of these minuses are the features and setting, as the camera keeps them entirely under its controls, meaning that there is no way for customization. This means that the camera will be perfect just to keep track of what is happening in the house throughout the day, especially for people who have a dog. Without a doubt, some users will prefer switching to the Netgear Arlo or Nest Cam, because they have a lineup of features that will allow them to program it the way they want.

Logi Circle can also be related to iOS and Android apps and will allow users to access the camera both during the initial setup and any time they want to watch current and past footage. Moreover, they can also enable/disable select features, night vision, power-save mode and notifications. The app is very simple and it also has a step-by-step tutorial that will help users during the entire installation. To be mentioned that Logi Circle comes with a circular charger that sits flat on any surface. 

Probably, this new 200 dollars Logi Circle will compete with some of today’s top connected cameras, offering a good battery life and a decent 720p resolution.

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