Try out the new Electric Jukebox

Probably, everyone is looking for a TV which is filled with a high number of free songs. The new Electric Jukebox promises to provide all that.

Well, probably many people have Pandora or Spotify for this. However, for the members of the family who are not in perfect alignment with the latest technology, this new device could be perfect. 

Most likely, many people are still buying CDs or they listen to the radio, but with the new Electric Jukebox, things will start to change. The new Electric Jukebox could be the easiest way to listen to infinite songs and the direct source is the Internet. 

The Electric Jukebox can be compared with the first version of Nintendo Wii, when the entire family has jumped around the device, waiting for their turn to play with the magic stick. However, there is only one difference between the Electric Jukebox and the famous Nintendo Wii. This new device is available at the price of 229 dollars, which is pretty expensive. The company has declared that this new device will be available in time for Christmas, so some low prices from major electronics retailers might be expected.

So, how does this new Electric Jukebox work? Well, for starters, users will have to plug the device into an HDMI socket in their TV and turn it on. After that, they will have to connect to the home’s Wi-Fi and type the password if it’s necessary, and that’s about it. It is very simple and users can start listening to CD-quality music. They don’t have to open an app, plug in their phone or type in another password or email address. Moreover, they don’t have to enter their credit card details or make monthly payments. 

Users will simple say the name of their favorite band or singer into the remote control and the music will start to play. It is very easy to use and the company declared that all the music from the major record labels will be present. Moreover, they also declared that new albums will be added as soon as they will be released.

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