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Top 5 Most Stylish Men in 2013

If women are always appreciated for their style, elegance or beauty, men nowadays make no exception. Hollywood stars and celebrities always impress with the most beautiful and inspired outfits. Below you can discover a top 5 of the most stylish men in 2013. 


1. Justin Timberlake 

Justin is a star who knows how to sing, act and perform, but also a men who knows how to dress. Impressing with its custom Tom Ford outfits, Justin always looks irreproachable. The star is appreciated when spotted in his evening suits, but also when seen wearing sportswear from Alexander Wang and Neil Barrett. 

2. Pharrell Williams 

In 2013, Pharrell Williams returned to the spotlight and it seems that the singer managed to make quite a good impression. Pharrell has a certain personal style that has always been appreciated, no matter if the star is spotted in his causal wear or stylish suits. Last year, Pharrell draw the attention, but also a lot of appreciation, with each appearance he made. 

3. Eddie Redmayne 

A talented actor, Eddie Redmayne surely deserves a place in such a top of the best dressed men in 2013. Eddie’s red carpet appearances in extremely stylish and elegant Burberry suits and McQueen tuxes have impressed each time. The elegant style of the actor will most likely keep him in this top this year, as well. 

4. LeBron James 

LeBron James has always been a talented athlete, but apparently the star knows how to dress, too. During his appearances in 2013, LeBron James has always made a great impression. The Heart player clearly knows the rules of dressing with style, so there is no wonder that each of his appearances is spectacular. 

5. Kanye West 

The famous rapper has an interesting style, which has suffered many transformations throughout the years. In 2013, elegance has mostly described the appearances of Kanye West, the stylish rapper showing to have great taste in clothing. 

David Beckham, Jimmy Fallon, Victor Cruz, Bradley Cooper, Joe Jonas or Colin Farrell are other men that are much appreciated for their great taste of fashion, as well as their stylish and elegant appearances.

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