Top 3 Drawing and Painting Accessories for iPad

Nobody is arguing with your drawing and paintings skills, but if you’re planning to do it professionally, then you definitely need a brush or a stylus. You might be a master of canvas oil painting or lifelike drawings, but painting with your finger isn’t exactly the same kind of skill. But don’t worry, there are lots of iPad accessories for drawing and painting that pertain to all skill levels, budget and appeal for design.


Sensu Brush Portable Artist Brush and Stylus

For $39.99 you get a two-in-one drawing, painting and web browsing accessory that does quite a great job. The brush is made from synthetic hair with capacitive abilities that make painting on the iPad very similar to the real experience. When you use the brush, the tool is 7.2 inches, but the light design keeps things lean and doesn’t weight on the hand.




Nomad Compose for iPad

This brush is one of the top drawing and painting accessories released so far for iPad. It’s priced at $35 and features a low-friction brush with a tip that is definitely one of the most precise. The body is made from aluminum and it is quite the slim design making the paintbrush experience all the more leaner. There are several Nomad styli and brushes designed for iOS devices, including a $19.99 model for iPhone.

Pogo Sketch Pro

This is by far PC Mag’s favorite iPad stylus, the review concluding there’s no con against buying one. This is the premium stylus in Ten One Design’s offer for iPad drawing and painting accessories and PC Mag is sure the $24.95 price is well worth it. This “is a serious, well-balanced stylus” versatile enough for writing and drawing both. There are two screw-on tips available, each offering a different texture, one squishy, one rougher. According to its maker, the Pogo Sketch Pro stylus “is the most sensitive stylus on the market, and it’s 100% effective at every angle”. That’s definitely going to come in handy for all those countless papers that need your signature.

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