TiVo Bolt delivers 4K-streaming for cable lovers

Looks like TiVo has decided not to make DVRs anymore and orientated to unified entertainment systems. Their first device is called Bolt and it comes in a smaller and thinner box with no buttons or external LEDs. Its design is very interesting and it will definitely stand out in everyone’s living room. 

This new box also works with a CableCard available from a service provider, but it can be used with an HD antenna to record OTA programming, too. Moreover, it features four tuners, allowing users to record up to four games at once. Users can also buy TiVo’s Mini extenders, which will allow them to view live programming on other TVs in their home. 

Along with TV shows, the new Bolt will give direct access to over-the-top streaming content through apps like Amazon Prime, Netfliw, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Plex, Vudu and many others. To be added that TiVo Bolt is the first device that support 4K-resolution video from Netflix and YouTube, because Amazon Prime 4K support is still in the works. 

However, the 4K support is just one main attraction that this box has to offer. Along with its incredible design, Bolt comes with some new station graphics, changing the look of the program guide. This new guide will allow users to sort everything they want to see, like making a list only with football games, action movies or kid’s channels. Moreover, the interface is completely in HD, which is great.

TiVo Bolt is available at the price of 300 dollars for 500GB of storage and 400 dollars for the 1TB model. This is not an unreasonable price considering what the device is featuring. To be added that the purchase price includes a year of service, but after that users will have to pay 15 dollars a month, 150 dollars a year or 600 dollars for the life of the product. This box also comes with faster networking speeds with support for 802.11ac wireless, MoCA 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet. Moreover, TiVo Bolt supports downloads and streaming of recorded games to mobile devices. 

TiVo Bolt will definitely be a strong contender on the market. 

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