Tim Tebow Unites With Jets After Lengthy Negotiations

Tim Tebow was hoping for a career improvement and now his wish has finally come true. The American football quarterback united with the Jets after a series of lengthy negotiations that ended on Wednesday afternoon, according to a recent report published by Reuters. Analysts think Tebow has made a mistake because the Jets are not as good as the Broncos.

The New York team has often been criticized for their bad behavior both on and off the football field. Despite this, Tebow has agreed to sign a contract with the Jets because he thinks this move will bring him numerous opportunities in the future. He told the press that New York is a big city with a great market; thus letting analysts understand that the quarterback is on the lookout for better contracts – something he couldn’t have done in Denver.

Fans of the football player worry that the former Broncos quarterback may not adapt to the cruel rules of New York. It takes a lot of strength to be able to resist the harsh critics that sports fans tend to make against players in The Big Apple. Jeremy Lin, the initiator of the so-called ‘Linsanity’, used to be widely appreciated for his game skills, but New York fans forgot about the basketball player with the first mistake he made.

Tebow has become very popular thanks to the kneeling position, called “tebowing”, he adopts every time he scores a touchdown. Moreover, the quarterback is very open about his Christian beliefs and has used every important game to display his religious side. The football player even touted the Biblical verse “John 3:16” because he believes these are his lucky numbers.

Some analysts believe Jets’ fans will mock Tebow’s religious beliefs, but other think the new contract might improve the public image of the team. According to Patton Dodd, the executive editor of Patheos, the Jets are the only players who are considered to be NFL’s bad boys at the moment. As a consequence, the New York team hired Teabow because he is a selfless and devoted player.

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