Tim Cook is Gay, CNBC Co-Anchor Claims

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook was outed as gay by a CNBC co-anchor. The news was shared during a live transmission. 

The news was shared in a live TV segment, on Friday. The person who shared the fact that Tim Cook is gay actually was Simon Hobbs, who said that Tim Cook is openly gay. Naturally, this was a huge mistake that the co-anchor made. 

The mistake was made by Simon Hobbs, as New York Times columnist and CNBC contributor James Stewart was attending the show. During a talk between the two, James Stewart said that his most recent column actually focuses on former BP chief John Browne. The man said that it was very interesting for him to dig into the life of Browne, who had to reign from his job after being outed by a tabloid. 

Then, Stewart went to say that there are many gay CEOs in numerous big companies. After that, Simon Hobbs made the monumental mistake. “I think Tim Cook is open about the fact he’s gay at the head of Apple, isn’t he,” the co-anchor said. Then, a silence followed and a shake of the head from the person invited at the show. Of course, almost immediately Simon Hobbs realized how terrible mistake he made. “Oh, dear, was that an error? I thought not,” he claimed. 

Naturally, a series of jokes followed after this public mistake, while some claimed that Hobbs was not actually mistaking at all. Tim Cook has always been very private when it comes to aspects linked to his personal life. The CEO of Apple filed this way speculation on the fact that he might be gay. 

As imagined, Tim Cook made absolutely no remarks on these recent comments. James Stewart also chose to not speak about the speculation or about what Hobbs has said. “I don’t want to comment on anybody who might or might not be,” Stewart said. “I’m not going to out anybody.” Of course, Hobbs was sorry about the controversy created around this subject, as after all this can be considered just an innocent mistake.

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