The ultimate 4K streamer: Roku 4

Well, it looks like the nice little box from Roku is now streaming 4K video. Moreover, the new Roku 4 comes with the widest variety of 4K video on the market, including YouTube, Netflix, M-Go and Vudu. To be added that this new streamer makes finding actual 4K movies and TV shows much easier. 

However, it is still early for users to find 4K videos at any corner and at the moment 4K movies actually cost a fortune. 4K resolution has the capability to deliver better picture quality than HD, but for this, users should has a big 4K TV at home, a fast internet connection and the most-expensive subscription plan. 

The new Roku 4 is available at the price of 130 dollars, which is not pretty expensive, compared with 4K TVs. However, on the streamer market, this little puck is pretty expensive compared with other streamers. For customers who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and who already own a 4K TV, the new Roku 4 is probably unnecessary, because their TV already has access to Amazon’s 4K content, Netlifx or YouTube. 

On the steamer market, Roku 4 has some serious competition, like Amazon Fire TV and Nvidia Shield. Both of these devices are coming with 4K support. To be added that another strong contender has entered the market and that is the new Apple TV, which offers a large amount of features and has the power to unseat Roku 4. 

The new Roku 4 comes with a wonderful design, even if it’s larger than the previous Roku 3. The new box is thicker, wider and deeper than other streamer boxes on the market. The top is matte black and on the sides it is glossy and has a big “4” up top. Moreover, it has the traditional trademark purple fabric Roku tag on the side, while the bottom is rubberized to minimize slideage. Moreover, there is a bottom located on the top that can be used to operate the remote locator function, in case users have lost the remote.

Users can find a USB port on the side and around back there is the best selection of ports that a streamer can have, like Ethernet, HDMI, a MicroSD card slot and an optical digital audio slot.

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