“The Three Stooges” trailer – not as good as we expected

As reported by Deadline, the “The Three Stooges” trailer was finally released on Wednesday. The remake of the 60s comedy was not as good as critics expected because it did not manage to adapt the characters of the movie to the contemporary reality.

Although the movie is directed by the famous Farrelly Brothers who have also produced comedies like “Hall Pass” and “There’s Something About Mary”, “Three Stooges” is not even close to the aforementioned films. The directors initially opted for Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro, and Jim Carrey, but they could not reach an agreement with these A-list stars, so they had to content themselves with Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Will Sasso.

The first joke that is supposed to make us all laugh and rush to see the movie portrays Curly while he has difficulties understanding the mechanisms of an iPhone. At the end of the trailer, Moe faces another 21st century challenge: he gets a “Jersey Shore” makeover. While the characters of the “The Brady Bunch” and “The Addams Family” remakes are funny when they don’t fit in the contemporary era, the Three Stooges managed to annoy everyone who viewed the trailer.

The only explanation we could find was that the film format and the movie script are no longer appropriate for the century we live in. Nobody laughs anymore when a character gets a poke in the eye or accidentally bites his tongue. Otherwise we would still watch Laurel and Hardy movies and, thank God, Hollywood can do better than that. 

Critics stated that the characters of the film should have suffered modifications, too, not just the environment surrounding them. The Farrelly Brothers should have taken into consideration the fact that these characters were successful in a period when there weren’t so many comedies as they are today. Given the current competition, the “Three Stooges” will probably draw a very small audience, but we should wait and see before jumping into conclusions.

The trailer was first released on iTunes, but it was soon shared by everyone on the Internet. Those who are interested to see the remake will have to wait until April 2012 – the release date of the movie.

Share your thoughts with us: will you go see “The Three Stooges” or not?

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  1. Im 57 years old. My advice to you young ones is, ENJOY IT.
    This world is moving so fast now.If you had watched the black and white ones you would find these guys were true
    actors of there trade.
    They gave there heart and soul on those shorts and got screwed by the big guys.
    So don’t look for a story in this movie, just enjoy a time from a great past.

  2. this just a sad way to jump to conclusions. The Trailer looked great, the problem is people just are assuming too early.

  3. Movie looks stupid. It is a total slap in the face of the original cast! Everything about it looks like it should be straight to DVD . Anyone who thinks this is funny really lacks in the humor department. Waste of time and money!

  4. Okay… First off to me this article has no credibility because within the first two sentences you made yourself look like idiots. Have you ever watched the Three Stooges? They were around alot longer the the 60’s. Hell they started doing shorts in the 30’s. Second annoyed by the trailer? I am one of the MOST die hard Stooges fan out there, and I would stake everything I OWN to prove that, and that trailer made me laugh. Get your heads out of the gutter this movie will be great.

  5. I agree! Why are so many people being negative? I have to note that many of the negative comments are from Stooge haters and not fans, so I’m not sure why they even bother watching this trailer.

    I love the original stooges and I can appreciate the efforts made by these film makers to bring the boys back to film as authentically as possible.
    The impresions are great and as close to the original stooges as you’re going to get anymore, so in that way, it’s terrific! I’m not thrilled with the Jersey Shore cameo, but that’s a small blemish and may even prove to be funny once the entire sequence is shown.
    I’m 24 and grew up watching the Stooges so I am especially looking forward to seeing this movie. I think even if it’s not great, it will still be entertaining in it’s own way. Love the Stooges!

  6. 60 years old and still loving the original three funniest men that ever lived. The people who think that they can recreate those nyukleheads will never get it.

    Give Moe, Larry, and Curley their props and put their original antics on modern tech devices just as they were back in the 1930’s. Hollywood will never improve upon perfection. The boys will live forever and the pursuit of one -upping them will end! It can not happen.

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