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The schools have their true expo Splicers

We come across some strange creatures in the hospice of Havre. A Enard, a Caspin. Dolls Capsules cans. A “T” trolley tickets. A monster orange inflatable. Imaginary continents, just out of the imagination of very young artists who, like the last dozen years the same time, open an exhibition “as big” for three weeks.
It is the result of an entire school year of work. The theme of the year, sticking “collision and collusion, or unexpected encounters, was arrested at Easter last year. Schools have applied for membership and Education has selected 20 classes, kindergarten and primary. Or about 500 kids who started with a visit to Magritte Museum Brussels. The library has prepared a bibliography related to the theme of the year, invited the author and illustrator Sarah. Then the whole year at a rate of ten sessions, eight artists have spoken. Each contributing its know-how.
The children then worked glass, metal, video, sound … It is far from gouache-sheet of paper. It is precisely the goal. “The idea is not to make a masterpiece at the end of the year but to take the children on the grounds of discovery and experimentation,” says Florence Hudelist, director of education service City, causing the project.
“Respected in their work”
The result is brilliant and the culmination of this work is for this afternoon with the opening at 17:30. A very special moment in which “some day in college, still remember.” This expose in a cultural recognition, with distribution of posters and invitation cards, cartels as the museum … it is a great time for little artists. “It’s a real show, they are perfectly aware,” says Florence Hudelist. Children are respected in their work. “For three weeks,” they bring us a little bit of their world. ” They set out from now until May 20 On the sidelines of the exhibition: two events. The first meetings of arts 6 and 7 May, with performances of theater workshops, circus, dance …

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