The new Walmart Great Value 10W LED Light

The LED light bulbs market has exploded this year. Several companies have released several new bulbs that can be very useful for customers. The 60 W bulbs are available at the price of 5 dollars these days on the market. 

This is not a good thing, knowing the fact that incandescents can save approximately 7 dollars to the year energy bill, while a LED will save probably just one dollars. However, customers will find at Walmart a bulb called, Great Value. This is a dimmable 60W replacement and it is available at the price of 4.88 dollars a piece. 

The price is probably the strongest point for Great Value. However, this bulb also has some serious competition at this price rage, like GE Bright Stik LED and Philips 60W Replacement LED. These two bulbs will not dim at all, but Great Value is brighter than them and it promises a longer lifespan, approximately 25,000 hours. These are enough hours, to consider this bulb a good deal. 

However, it isn’t perfect, because it has some minuses. For example, even if it dims, it doesn’t dim perfectly, because it cannot go much lower than approximately 20 percent brightness. Moreover, at this percent of dim, the bulb flickers, which is not a good thing, especially for users that like the lights on low. 

However, compared with GE and Philips, Walmart Great Value can be recommended for its price, but for other features, such an excellent dimming performance, probably not. Most likely, many users will prefer to spend some extra money for Philips or even Osram 60W Replacement LED. To be added that Walmart Great Value is manufactured by TCP, a brand that has a good reputation on the market. 

Users will receive brightness from a power draw of 10 watts, which is similar with GE Bright Stik. However, probably the only low-cost LED that can be more efficient than Great Value is Philips 60W Replacement LED that costs somewhere around 5 dollars. However, if the company promises 25,000 hours of use, it results that this bulb can last approximately 20 years. 

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