The new Vaio Z Canvas

Probably, customers are still thinking about Sony Vaio’s laptop model and its amazing design. Unfortunately for its fans, Sony has sold the brand. But, there are some good news on this market, too, because Vaio is back as an independent brand and released the new Vaio Z Canvas. 

Now, the interesting fact is that this new Windows tablet is more powerful than many other devices on the market, including Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The new device is perfect for those who love to draw and paint, because Vaio Z Canvas comes with a stylus and an amazing display.

As it was earlier mentioned, Vaio comes as an independent brand and wants to conquer the market with its new device. The new Vaio Z Canvas is available at the price of 2,200 dollars, which is a little bit expensive, but it also has an incredible hardware hidden between the chasses. The new 12.3-inch device comes with Windows 10 operating system, a battery-powered stylus, a detachable keyboard, impressive hardware that can run video editing software and an ultra-high resolution screen. 

So, what exactly hides the new Vaio Z Canvas? Well, a 47-watt, H-series Intel Core i7 processor, accompanied by 16GB of memory, 1TB of solid-state storage and Intel’s most powerful Iris Pro graphics. This means that we are talking about one of the most powerful devices on the market. 

As for design, Vaio Z Canvas looks pretty good, with an aluminum base that measures right about 12 inches, which is quite thick compared with an iPad. Moreover, this new device is very light and thin, compared with other high-end devices that are on the market and which come with the same amount of processing power. 

It feels like a solid built, meaning that it will probably survive a couple of accidental beatings. To be added, that the company has declared that the tempered glass screen was built to resists droppings from any angle. The 12.3-inch screen comes with a 2,560×1,704-resolution, meaning that it is right about at the same level with the Retina displays. Another attraction is the built-in kickstand and the keyboard, which are well built and very useful.

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