The New Trey Songz Album Tops Billboard 200

For the first time in 79 weeks, Adele’s “21” is no longer No. 1 album in the Billboard 200 chart. The new Trey Songz album managed to top Billboard 200 with 135,000 sold units.

Trey Songz has been in the R&B music industry for a while now. “Chapter V” is the artist’s fifth full-length studio album and managed to do even better than Trey Songz’ last one, “Passion, Pain & Pleasure”. On the overall, each of the artist’s albums climbed higher and higher in Billboard 200, until the new Trey Songz album finally pushed Adele’s “21” from the top.

According to data from Nielsen SoundScan, the new Trey Songz album managed to sell 135,000 units in the debut week. The success might well be due to the fact Trey Songz’ album debuted at the same time with new discs from less popular artists such as Dj Khaled’s “Kiss The Ring” (#4), or Owl City’s “The Midsummer Station (#7).

In a nutshell, Trey Songz’ new album is about seduction. “Chapter V” was released on the artist’s 27th birthday and the single “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love” gave fans a different, more mature take on the R&B singer.

But before praising Trey Songz for getting all grownup and mature about dating women, let’s not forget the new album has some song titles that remind of the old, party animal. “I Invented Sex” and “Neighbors Know My Name” are just two of the tracks that come to balance the single “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love”.

In the end, that’s the recipe Trey Songz uses in his albums: some love songs some sex songs. The kind of album guys would play one romantic track to charm a lady and listen to the rest while already in the cab, heading to her home.

Take for instance “Dive In”. Now that’s the sort of slow jam that’s better off you have your girl listen to after a few dates if you’ve already played the romantic man card. Trey Songz compares the woman body with a pool and is obviously focused on bed activity rather than swimming pool exercise.

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