The new Sony Xperia Z5

Throughout the years, the cameras found on smartphones have suffered a lot of improvements. However, it seems that Sony thinks there is always room for some new upgrades. Sony’s latest flagship device, the Xperia Z5, comes with a new 23-megapixel sensor camera, lightning-quick autofocus and a full HD 5.2-inch screen. Moreover, it has an incredible and long-lasting battery.

Now, probably many users had some bad experiences with their smartphone cameras, especially when they wanted to photograph something quick and beautiful. For starters, they found the smartphone ponderously for a few moments before taking a blurry pic and it lasted too long before taking the perfect photo. 

Probably, a faster autofocus on the phone would be appreciated. Well, probably this problem is fixed, because Sony has declared that the new Xperia Z5 can focus in approximately 0.03 seconds, making it the fastest autofocus seen on a smartphone until now. There are a few phones with an incredible focus out there, for example the iPhone 6, but Xperia Z5 is now taking the lead. 

The camera found on this phone is quite impressive, it is quickly responsive and is making incredible photos. Moreover, Sony claims that this phone is an expert when it comes to zooming in for close-up photos. Now, we know that there is a big lack of optical zoom equipment on smartphones, but Sony claims that its 23-megapixel sensor, allied with Clear Image Zoom processing algorithm, will be a huge attraction on the market. Another impressive feature found on this smartphone is its large battery life. 

Several phones existent on the market have the same big problem: the small amount of battery life. However, Sony promises that its new battery will last two days on a full-use. Moreover, it also has a charge quickly feature, meaning that after 10 minutes of charging, the battery will have approximately 5.5 hours of use. 

As for its design, Sony did not make significant changes, sticking to its minimalist design, with a frosted-glass long on the back. Probably, the most interesting feature is a fingerprint scanner placed on the phone’s lock button. This is probably the smallest fingerprint scanner found on a smartphone.

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