The new Plextor M6V SSD

Compared with the company’s previous M6S, the new Plextor M6V SSD is considered to be a lower-tier product. However, even if the price is a little bit lower, this doesn’t mean that the new M6V is bad. As a surprise for customers, this new SSD turns out to be better both in terms of cost and performance. 

Compared with other budget SSDs, the new Plextor M6V is considered to be the fastest on the market. Customers will find this new SSD at the prices of 66 dollars for the 128GB version, 100 dollars for the 256GB version and 190 dollars for the 512GB version. 

However, even if the prices are affordable, customers can expect to find the actual street price to be even lower. To be added that the new Plextor M6V also has some downsides, because it doesn’t include any accessories or software, for example a bracket to better fit inside a desktop computer or a drive-cloning application. Moreover, the 3-year warranty can be considered to be short by many customers. However, for those who are using a computer and are having a traditional hard drive, the new Plextor M6V SSD is the perfect upgrade.

As for design, the new Plextor M6V looks like a traditional internal SSD, featuring the well-known 2.5-inch design. This means that Plextor M6V can be used either in a desktop or laptop. Therefore, with its 7mm thickness, this SSD will fit perfectly inside most notebooks.

The most challenging part will be at desktop computer users, because this SSD doesn’t come with an adapter bracket to increase its physical size. However, this will not be a big problem, because an SSD doesn’t have moving parts, meaning that it can be left loose inside the computer. Users who want to be sure can also buy a bracket separately. 

Probably, the main attraction on this new SSD is the unique feature called PlexTurbo 3.0. These features are known as a smart-caching technology that will allow the machine to boot and perform frequent tasks faster. The new Plextor M6V is without a doubt one of the most attractive SSDs at its price range. 

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