The new Plantronics BackBeat Sense

Throughout the years, Plantronics has released some incredible and respectable products, particularly in the Bluetooth section. Even if these products cannot be compared with Beats, they are worth trying.

BackBeat Fit has been much appreciated on the market, even if these are wireless sports headphones, and even BackBeat Pro, known as a full-size Bluetooth headphone that comes with wireless connectivity and noise cancellation. However, these days Plantronics has released a new product, called Plantronics BackBeat Sense. 

This new pair of headphones comes at the price of 180 dollars and it is a mobile friendly on-ear Bluetooth headphone. This new product is available in two colors: black and white. For starters, the new Plantronics BackBeat Sense has 140 grams, making it very comfortable to wear, featuring a self-adjusting headband and memory-foam-equipped earpads.

These earpads are also labeled with clearly “L” and “R.” Probably, this headphone is one of the most comfortable product on the market. Plantronics BackBeat Sense can be also compared with Bose Soundling On-Ear Bluetooth, which is known as being available at a higher price.

One of the main attractions of this headphone is probably the sensor that knows when users have the headphones on and when they are off. This sensor pauses the music as soon as the user takes its headphones off and resumes the music when they are put back on. To be mentioned that this sensor can be disabled, but probably many users will enjoy it. 

Moreover, this headphone uses Bluetooth v4.0, meaning that owners can simultaneously connect two Bluetooth source devices. The company declared that this headphone has extended wireless range that goes up to approximately 330 feet. This is a very large range and probably users will need to be in an open field to get this amount of range. However, this headphone will be probably used more in an office room, meaning that users will need approximately 60 feet of range.

Plantronics BackBeat Sense also supports AptX, which will make the sound much better. Moreover, it also has a call answer/end button placed on the outside of the right earcup, while on the outside of the left cup, users will find a pause/play button along with track back/advance buttons. 

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