The new Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum

Neato has introduced their new D-series robot vacuum and everyone is asking if these models have some new features. Well, it is a bit strange that the company released this new D-series, because there is nothing significantly changed compared with the previous model.

To be added that the well-known XV and the new Botvac model little differ from one another. These two models are practically the same, probably with some minor changes. The only significant difference is the color and that it is coming with different accessories, but the core hardware components are practically the same. 

The new Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum comes at the price of 499 dollars and it is practically the same with the company’s original Botvac series.

This new robot vacuum comes with the same shape, size, pet-hair-annihilating combo brush and spinning side brush. However, it also comes with an updated silicone spiral blade brush, which Neato declared that has a better suction and it is a quieter cleaner. To be added that the new Botvac D85 is way better at collecting pet hair compared with the original 85. Unfortunately, even if it is better at collecting pet hair, this new model is probably worse than any other models at collecting sand and rice. 

Coming at the same price as the previous model, the new D85’s release is a little bit weird and it needs a better reason why clients should opt for this model and not for the previous Botvac model. Probably, the original Botvac model will remain the champion at collecting rice and sand, but Neato’s D85 is the new champion at collecting pet hair. However, collecting sand is probably a tougher test for any robot vacuum on the market. Still, customers may be able to make their choice depending on exactly what they need on this respect. 

As it was earlier mentioned, the D85’s design is approximately the same as the previous Botvac 85. The only thing that separates these two models is the color. As for the accessories, they both have the same brush accessories and filter, the exception is the new spiral blade brush from D85. Moreover, the touchscreen display comes with the same language and clock setting options. 

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