The new Monoprice 13773

People who are willing to invest into a home theater system will realize that this is not cheap. Setting up a home theater system can go up to a couple of hundreds of dollars, which doesn’t sound really encouraging, especially for beginners. However, the new Monoprice 13773 is not that expensive. 

This new set of 5.1 speakers is available at the price of 250 dollars. Monoprice 13773 is composed of a center channel, two fronts, two rear sounds and a subwoofer and it can be bought from the online accessory retailer.

For this amount of money, the new Monoprice 13773 sounds amazing. However, there are some rumors on the market, claiming that this set of 5.1 speakers are unauthorized clones of the Energy Take Classics. Therefore, after a lawsuit from Klipsch, Energy’s parent company, Monoprice has managed to replace the design, which should be enough to stay away of further legal action. The new Monoprice 13773 is without a doubt a huge contender on its field. These speakers come with an incredible design and they sound even better than the previous model. 

To be added that the previous model, 10565, featured a wider center channel and four satellite speakers, but it looks like the newest model comes with five identical satellites instead. Is this a good thing? Do they sound even better? Well, it looks like they do. 

The new Monoprice 13773 has an incredible sound and it will fit perfectly in everyone’s living room. To be added that this set of 5.1 speakers also has some competitors on the market and it will be an interesting battle between them. The satellites are all coming in the same size: 6 inches tall and 4 inches square, while the subwoofer features 15x10x13 inches. Moreover, the subwoofer has an 8-inch paper driver with 100 watts of power.

As it was earlier mentioned, Monoprice’s performance is incredible and it fits perfectly with Denon AVR-S500BT receiver or Yamaha RX-V479. It turns out that Monoprice 13773 is perfect for watching movies or TV, because it delivers a detailed and open sound. At this amount of money, these speakers could be a great choice. 

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