The new Microsoft Surface Book

It looks like Microsoft wants to dominate the hybrid market, after releasing a new and interesting model. We are talking here about the new Microsoft Surface Book. Even if Microsoft had a huge success with the Surface Pro, probably no one thought that the giant company will release a more laptop-like version. 

Well, it looks like Microsoft has managed to surprise everyone with the new Surface Book. This new model is a 13.5-inch premium laptop that comes with a detachable touchscreen display and a stylus pen, like the one from Surface Pro 4. 

The new Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are different, even if they share several component options. The new Surface Book is available at the price of 1,499 dollars and comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, also known as codename Skylake, accompanied by 8GB of RAM. 

However, there is also a 2,699 dollars version, which homes a faster Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal sold-state storage. Moreover, the 2,699 dollars model also has a custom Nvidia graphics chip built into the keyboard base. However, this impressive hardware will not transform the laptop into a high-end PC gaming laptop, but it is important for functionality and for mainstream games at medium graphics settings. To be mentioned that a larger HD is better for video and photo editing. 

The new Microsoft Surface Book is an interesting device and comes with an amazing design. Compared with Lenovo LaVie Z or Dell XPS 13, Microsoft Surface Book is pretty heavy. This laptop is 13mm thick in the front and weighs approximately 3.3 pounds. After opening the clamshell, this device looks like a standard Windows 10 laptop, which is a little bit unusual for a Surface model. It comes with a normal keyboard, featuring widely space keys and has a special deep click, offering a satisfying level of feedback while typing. 

However, the new Microsoft Surface Book can also be a part-time tablet, thanks to the detachable display. While most hybrids are using a strong magnetic connection between the display and the keyboard, Microsoft has managed to try something new. So, users will first have to press and hold the detach button located at the right end of the function key row on the keyboard, until a green light pops up and then the latching mechanism releases the display. 

The new Microsoft Surface Book is an interesting device that will probably gain huge success on the market. 

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