The new Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech is one of the most famous brands when it comes to accessories, like keyboard or mouses. These days, people are tending to own several smart devices, including a tablet, a laptop or a phone. That’s why Logitech keeps releasing its Bluetooth keyboards that can be paired with any of these devices. 

So, now Logitech has released another keyboard, called K380. It is available at the price of 40 dollars and it is probably the best compact full-size wireless keyboard that the company has ever built.

For starters, the new Logitech K380 seems to a little bit of heft, weighing approximately 14.92 ounces, with batteries included. This means that this keyboard is perfect for a desktop computer, but it is still compact and light for traveling. Moreover, the new keyboard measures 4.9 inches high, 0.6 inches deep and 10.9 inches wide. To be added that it is available in two colors: blue or dark gray. 

Another interesting thing about Logitech K380 is that it can be paired with three different devices, which is a very useful thing. How can it do that? Well, users will just have to press one of the numbered “Easy-Switch” buttons situated in the top left corner and it will toggle between devices. The pairing also works pretty smoothly, meaning that users will have no problem switching between iPhone 6, MacBook Air or Asus Chromebook, for example.

So, the new Logitech K380 has the ability to distinguish between Windows or Mac machines, which is a pretty good thing. This means that users will have the possibility to use the keyboard with a MacBook Pro or with a Windows laptop. Moreover, the keyboard also supports shortcuts or other functions, but can also be paired with Chrome OS devices and Apple TV. As for the keys, the feeling is very delicate and the buttons are spread out enough to keep mistypes down to a minimum.

Probably, users are not familiar with round keys, but after a couple of minutes of typing, they will get used to it. The new Logitech K380 is an excellent keyboard, especially because it can be paired with three devices. 

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