The new Lenovo ThinkCentre Chromebox

Until now, customers have been used with chromebook laptops, which are coming with Google’s Chrome OS instead of OS X or Windows.

These laptops are generally inexpensive and they are comfortable portable PCs meant for users who are spending their time online. Chromebook laptops are perfect for browsing the WEB and even do some cloud-based tasks. 

Well, things are starting to change now, because Google has decided to take the Chrome OS and place it into a desktop, a Chrome desktop, more exactly, into a Lenovo ThinkCentre Chromebox. It is an interesting choice, because a desktop cannot solve the same problems a Chromebook does. 

So, at Chromebooks the idea was simple, it was meant to be a low-cost portable PC for users who spend their entire computer time connected to the Internet. What will be the Lenovo’s ThinkCentre Chromebox mission? Not to be forgot that there already are some simple desktop PCs on the market, meant for business users and they can be found at inexpensive prices. 

More exactly, a simple desktop PC can be found even at less than 300 dollars, with Windows 8 or Windows 10. Well, it looks like the new Chromebox will undercut these desktop PCs, because it starts at the price of 199 dollars, and it includes a basic Intel Celeron 3205U CPU and 32GB of SSD storage. Surely, customers can also find more expensive models, more exactly a mainstream Intel Core i3 5005U at the price of 319 dollars.

Probably, many customers will think that the Chrome OS is very limited and it will be useful only with an Internet connection. That is not entirely true because Chrome OS can offer some interesting and unique advantages. For example, owners will have the possibility to download and run new standalone applications and there are lower chances to download viruses or malware. Users can also access cloud-based tools, like Office Online, Google Docs, online mail apps, but also streaming entertainment services from YouTube, Netflix and Spotify. 

Moreover, Lenovo also sells a separate 23-inch monitor designed especially for the ThinkCentre Chromebox. The monitor has a special slot for the mini tower located on the back. This 23-inch monitor can be found at the price of 229 dollars.

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