The new Google Chromecast (2015) was Released

The new Google Chromecast is perfect for those who are spending most of their time watching videos via YouTube and other similar sources. The new Chromecast is available at the price of 35 dollars, a price that is basically an impulse for customers to buy the product. 

However, probably many people already have the original Chromecast and they want to upgrade to the new one. Comparing the new device with the previous one, the 2015 version comes with new software and works pretty well.

The new software makes the browsing options, search and app discovery much easier to use, which brings the device close to its competitors, including Roku. 

However, probably many users will not recommend Google Chromecast as the primary source for streaming to the main TV at home, but at the price of 35 dollars, it definitely is worth to have in your collection. Probably, the Google Chromecast will be the perfect device for those who are travelling a lot, because due to its size this streamer is travel-friendly. 

This streamer is probably the cheapest way that users can access to watch apps like YouTube and Neftlix, or listen to music like Pandora and Spotify. Moreover, users can also view Web pages or photos on their TV. Probably, Google Chromecast is so cheap because it doesn’t come with a remote control. The only way to control it is via smartphone. So, users can control everything through their smartphone.

To use Google Chromecast, users will need a TV with HDMI, a decent Wi-Fi network and a tablet or a smartphone running iOS or Android. Owners can also use a laptop or a computer with the Chrome browser. This little puck is built up from several antennas and electronics and comes in different colors, like lime, coral or black. At one side, there is a flat gray cable measuring 4 inches and at the other side there is a HDMI. This puck will spend most of its time connected to an HDMI port and hidden behind the TV. 

Google Chromecast is the easiest way to watch a movie or just browse the WEB.

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