The new Fitbit Charge HR

The fitness tracker market is filled with several bands that will help users have a healthier life and do more exercises. The new Fitbit Charge HR is one of those fitness trackers, and it also comes with a couple of new features. 

For starters, this tracker has some similar features as many other devices on the market, including tracking the user’s steps or monitoring its heart-rate. Moreover, this new fitness band also tracks sleep at night, heart-rate levels when working out or resting and it tracks exercises during the day. But, one of its most interesting features is that the new Fitbit Charge HR has the ability to sync with approximately every major computer or smartphone on the market.

Probably, customers will have a lot of expectations from the new Fitbit Charge HR, but the heart rate measuring feature is not so excellent. The app store is also very limited and unfortunately, the LED display that also doubles as a watch could have been better designed. However, these are the minuses that this new fitness band has, but probably for many customers they will not turn out to be a huge problem. Therefore, probably that the new Fitbit Charge HR is the first smart band the feels so small, costs this little and connects with so many devices. To be added that Fitbit Charge HR also folds nutrition-tracking, heat rate-tracking, social challenges with friends and sleep tracking. 

The new Fitbit Charge HR also comes with an impressive battery life, even if it has such as small design. The company claims that its battery life can go up to approximately four days, beating major competitors on the market. Its little LED display that also doubles as a watch is nice and easy to use. Owners just have to lift their arm to see the time or to tap the display to see steps and any other data that they are interested in. 

Fitbit Charge HR is available on the market at the price of 150 dollars, but it can cost even lower, if customers will find it on sale.

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