The new Elgato Eve Room

Elgato Eve Room is probably the first smart-home device to take advantage of Apple’s HomeKit. This new product is very interesting and it actually puts Siri at work. It comes as a small white box and has some unique skills.

For people who are seeking for a little white box that measures humidity, temperature and determines the number of volatile organic compounds in the air, the Elgato Eve Room is the perfect device. 

Moreover, Elgato Eve Room charts the number for all criteria, humidity, temperature and air quality, and it sends the data to users via Bluetooth enabled iOS devices.

To be mentioned that the device is pretty accurate, making it perfect for allergy sufferers or for those who are doing construction work in their home and want to see if their room is aired out enough. Customers will have to pay 80 dollars for this device if they want to get those readings. The price is quite cheap for a VOC meter. 

Aside all these criteria that it measures, probably, air quality is the one that makes Elgato Eve Room so interesting. However, this device is a little bit limited, because without a Bluetooth connection, users will not be able to see the readings. Customers will be able to buy this device from Elgato Eve’s website, Best Buy or Amazon.

This product will soon be available on the market and it will be one of the first devices available to specifically be designed for Apple’s HomeKit. Lutron Lighting Kit is another product that makes part of Apple’s HomeKit and functions through Siri. Unfortunately, other devices from this family are rolling out slowly. 

Once the new Eve Room is mounted, users can access Siri to check on the temperature and humidity reading. To be added that there are other members of the Eve family on the market, like Eve Door and Window, Even Energy and Eve Weather. All these devices respond to Siri and are sold separately.

The Elgato Company decided to allow customers to pick up the device they need, without taking the entire package. Probably, if it weren’t for Siri functionality, Elgato’s devices would be the same as other smart home products that can be found on the market.

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