The new Chromecast Audio

A new product was introduced to the Chromecast line. We are talking about the new Chromecast Audio. Now, Google Chromecast line is recognized as being an easy way to stream video content from the smartphone tablet or smartphone, to a bigger screen.

Well, with the new release, Chromecast Audio will allow people to stream wireless music content into any powered speaker, sound bar or AV receiver. Yes, this an inexpensive way for users to stream audio content wherever they want, from their smartphones or tablets. 

At the moment, Sonos is probably the leader in wireless streaming audio, but it has some reasons to worry. Why? Because the new Chromecast Audio is currently available at the price of 35 dollars, while Sonos Connect costs somewhere around 350 dollars. Will this be a huge threat for Sonos? 

We will surely find out in the next couple of months. So, the new Chromecast Audio is one of the easiest ways for users to spread wireless music into their audio devices. Moreover, they will be able to play music around their house, from most popular services like Spotify, YouTube and Pandora. At the moment, Chromecast Audio is available in 17 countries.

Since the popular basic Chromecast is available somewhere around the same price as the newest Chromecast Audio and this supports numerous audio apps as well, the new version will probably be a strong competitor. 

To be added that the video model, which also received an update in 2015, still requires a device with an HDMI port. This means that users will have to open their TV to listen to music. On the other side, the new Chromecast Audio is more specialized in audio field, so this means that it works on many other audio systems that do not come with HDMI. So, people who have an old stereo device that has an “aux in” port can rest assured that will will work with the new Chromecast Audio. 

As for design, the new Chromecast Audio looks like a tiny 2-inch puck in diameter. Moreover, this little device comes with two ports and also has a cable to plug into each. 

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