The new Bose SoundTrue Ultra headphone

Bose’s in-ear headphones are very popular, especially among users who don’t like to have eartips jammed into their ears.

Bose has come with an interesting concept, the comfortable StayHear tips that are attached to the buds and have the mission to match the users’ ear and create a secure fit. 

That’s why the SoundSport In-Ear and SoundTrue In-Ear are probably the most comfortable in-ear headphones on the market. However, these two models have one big minus: they come with an open design. This means that they will allow sound in, which will create some problems especially if users are in noisy environments.

Well, the new Bose SoundTrue Ultra has fixed this problem, being the first noise-isolating in-ear headphone. The new headphone comes at the price of 150 dollars and it is available in two colors: black or white. 

Moreover, it comes in two different versions, one for Apple and one for Android. Probably, customers will confuse the noise isolation feature from this headphone with the active noise-cancelling from Bose’s QC20 in-ear headphones. Without a doubt, there’s a huge difference between these two models. 

The big change that Bose has brought to the Ultra is the design of the bud and tips, which they called StayHear Ultra tips. This means that the buds come with the traditional mini canister design, but the post attached to them is very long and beautifully angled. 

Well, the new Ultra tips will comfortably extend into the user’s ear canal, but without pushing the tip deep into it. The result is pretty amazing and users will not be distract by other noise while listening to their favorite songs. In the package, users will find three different sizes of eartips: small, medium and large.

To be added that this headphone is made out of plastic, which will probably raise some question marks, like if the headphone is really solid, but the company has ensured users that it’s made of high-tech plastic. Bose SoundTrue Ultra also comes with a three-button inline remote/microphone. This means that the headphone works well for making calls, especially with the sound-isolation feature.

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