The murderer of Charice’s father surrendered

Following the killing of singer Charice Pempengco’s father, the suspect surrendered on Thursday. Angel Capili Jr. admitted the crime and awaits his sentence, Associated Press reports.

“Glee” star Charice Pempengco went through horrific moments in the past days, since she found out her father was murdered, on Monday. Ricky Pempengco, who was 40 years old, was a construction worker. The day when he was killed, he stopped by a store to buy cigarettes. Immediately after that, he was stabbed to death with an ice pick, by a drunken man. The prime suspect in the case was Angel Capili Jr., who was also a construction worker, but claims he didn’t know Mr. Pempengo. Three days after the murder, Capili Jr. turned himself in admitting that he made a horrible mistake and hopes for the Pempengco family forgiveness.

“I had really planned to surrender because what I did was wrong” he said to the media.” I am prepared to suffer whatever is the judgment.” He did not talk to the reporters about the reason why he stabbed the man but told in the police report that he acted in self-defense. “He was claiming that he was already backing away but then (the victim) continued to attack him so he got a screwdriver and he stabbed Mr. Pempengco”, revealed to the press Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.

The next step in the investigation is to decide whether Capili Jr. was indeed the murderer. The police will compare his story with the witnesses’.

Charice cancelled her upcoming shows and, with apologies to her fans, she left Singarope, where she was scheduled to sing, and took a plane back to her home country, the Philipines, to attend to her father’s funeral.  Even though she was estranged from her father, Charice says she still loves him. “He’s still my Dad after all”, the singer wrote on Twitter. She also gave a radio statement, saying that “justice must be served, not just for my father but for everyone concerned”.

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