The magic list that melts the extra pounds

On October 9, Ellie from New York Wrote:

“Dear Mara,
I can’t seem to lose weight. I am 5 foot 3 and have 160 pounds. I don’t feel comfortable at all, it’s not about how people see me anymore, it’s about how I feel inside. I want to be able and wear tight dresses and don’t feel like I’m about to pop out of the. I have tried, I think, every diet in the world. The problem is I give up eventually, because it feels way too hard. Can you help me?”

Women make a big fuss about their weight no matter how many extra pounds they have. And most of the times, it really isn’t about how other see them, but how they see themselves in the eyes of others and in the mirror, every time they have the chance. If you think of a diet as a way of losing weight, forget about it! Forget about the word “diet!” It’s a corsage that we tighten around our brain and it is only natural that at one point, it would explode.

If you have trouble changing your eating habits, or simply don’t know where to start, here is something that might help: the list that melts the extra pounds. I named it so, because it really helps regaining your ideal weight or slimming down. All you have to do is get into a relaxed state, preferably in a place that you know you won’t be bothered for at least 20 minutes. Get a pen and a piece of paper and write 30 ways that you would recommend someone to lose weight. They can be tricks, they can be exercise ideas, or they can be ways to see the process. I myself made such a list when I wanted to lose 10 pounds. And to get you started, I will give you some of the ideas I wrote down:

• I replace coffee with unsweetened tea
• I do not eat everything on my plate
• I admire myself every morning for something

Write everything that comes to your mind, even those things you believe will never work for you. Make the list like you are making it for your best friend. Then, every week, you pick 5 items that you commit to.

Celebrities have such rules they commit to, as well. Supermodel Tyra Banks avoids fried foods, LeAnn Rymes walks and Kim Cattrall cuts off the foods she craves. “I can’t have a little tiny bit of it because I want it all”, she had told access Hollywood back in May.
Get to work, girls!


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