The Interesting new Specs of LG Gram 14

Entering the laptop market, the new LG Gram 14 has made a good first impression, being a real attraction for many clients. The first question is what not to like at this laptop? It is really powerful, it is very slim and it is good for portability. 

Without a doubt, the biggest selling point and great attraction is that it is very light, especially for a 14-inch laptop that homes a pretty powerful Intel Core i7 processor. 

However, after a closer look, clients will probably notice that it also has some minuses. Probably, the first big minus is that this laptop doesn’t come with a touchscreen and a backlit keyboard. Another minus is that its display resolution tops out at 1,920×1,080-pixels, which is not very good, especially for a new Windows laptop that has such a big price. 

In the end, most likely, the most surprising thing for laptop enthusiasts is that LG is selling laptops. As we know, LG is a huge brand which is very famous in other compartments, from TVs to appliances. However, this is not a bad thing, because LG has done a great job with the new Gram 14, as this laptop totally is worth the money. 

LG has probably noticed that they have entered on a very crowded computer market, where huge brands are fighting. Therefore, the new LG Gram line includes three fixed-configuration models. The first model is a 13-inch laptop and the second and third models feature that same 14-inch screen. 

Moreover, all three models are coming with slim, lightweight bodies and home Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors. As for the price, the LG Gram 13 and LG Gram 14 models are available at 899 dollars to 1,399 dollars. 

At this price range and at this configuration, LG has some serious competitors, for example Lenovo Vie Z and Dell’s famous XPS 13. These two laptops are the closest comparable configurations, and surprisingly, the same 1,920×1,080 non-touch displays. 

Moreover, these laptops also share the same 8GB of RAM and 256SSD. LG Gram 14 is an interesting alternative on the laptop market, which will definitely attract a lot of interest. 

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