“The Help” is still No.1 at the box office

The Help has maintained its No.1 spot at the box office during the weekend, cashing in 19 million dollars, Associated Press reports. This raises the domestic gaining at a total of 123.4 million dollars. The movie also started hitting theaters overseas, in Australia, where it already cashed in 1.7 million dollars.

“The Help”, a movie about the black housemaid’s lives decades ago, was produced and distributed by the Walt Disney Company. It is a story adapted by the novel written by Kathryn Stockett in 2009. The action of the film starts in 1960s, in Jackson, Mississippi, when a young white woman, Eugenia Phelan, starts being extremely interested in the lives of the black housemaids. She develops a relationship with two maids, Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson. Each woman has her story. Clark is a middle-aged woman who was a babysitter all her life and she has recently lost her own child. Jackson is a great cook, but she has a big mouth, which got her in trouble many times. Phelan is fascinated by these women’s stories. She first came into town when, after her graduation, she found out that her beloved nanny has mysteriously disappeared. Her investigation helps her tie the friendship with the two women and also follow her dream of becoming a writer.

The movie stars Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer.

“The help” had a budget of 25 million dollars and was released on August 10, 2011. Unlike other movie hits, it did not land on the top spot in its first weekend at the box office. Now, the creators are looking at a total of 5 times the original budget, and this, in less than a month from its release. “The Help’ is literally in a league of its own at the end of a summer movie season where the competition was virtually non-existent”, says Paul Dergarabedian, a box-office analyst for In his opinion, there was a need for this movie long before it appeared.

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