The Golden Headphones: Monster 24K DJ Headphones

These incredible headphones were announced by Monster at CES 2014. Everybody thought that the price will be more than 24.000 dollars. It is a high price for a pair of DJ headphones, even if they are covered in gold. Well, after their price release everyone realized that they don’t cost that much: 270 dollars. They actually are worth it, because the sound and the design areimpressive. Even if they are not as flexible as they should be, the flashy gold overlays and the interesting ear cups design make up for it.

Probably, everyone will think that if they are bulky headphones and covered with gold, they would weigh a lot, but actually, these headphones are pretty lightweight. The ear cups are made of a plush memory foam that Monster uses in every of their headphones and which gives ample room inside the circumaural, allowing your ears to breath. Unfortunately, you cannot replace the ear cups after a period of time because the pairs are glued on there, so you have to be careful with them. The box includes a detachable cable that connects to the left ear cup, a coiled cable for DJs and a thinner cable with a remote control and microphone, if you want to connect to your smartphone. You will also have a ¼-inch adapter to plug into a receiver or mixer and a carrying pouch.

A good thing about the shiny gold coverage is that it doesn’t attract too many fingerprints and the way they are made will give you the feeling of durability. This is a good thing, especially if you are always on the road and you take your gear with you. The Monster 24K has plenty of power to drive loud volumes from a MP3 player or smartphone, without using an external headphone amplifier.  You can listen to loud music without any distortion. 

If you are shopping for a new fashion accessory, the Monster 24K are the perfect headphones. They have a big sound, they are comfortable and are worth for their weight. The price is affordable, compared with other headphones at the same range.

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