The 2012 Republican Presidential Race Starts With Iowa Caucus

For years now, the Iowa caucuses have been dreaded by Republicans trying to score a nomination for the presidential race. Most analysts feel that winning the Iowa Caucuses means getting the edge on competitors, and it is the sort of event that could reshape the entire race. All in all, the 2012 Republican presidential race starts with Iowa Caucuses, January 3rd.

Along the way, the last 4 months have been surprising to say the least, as frontrunners came and left, Herman Cain gave up on his bid, Rick Perry can’t seem to get a break, Newt Gingrich had his spotlight moment, Ron Paul became a favorite and Mitt Romney found out this race is going to be harder than he thought. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann is trying to become more visible, while Rick Santorum struggles to keep his spike in polls.

In fact, according to every recent poll, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is in last place, just several days ahead of the Iowa caucuses. However, despite all the negative assumptions, Bachmann keeps her smile and warns people will be surprised with the results of today’s caucuses. Her dream of governing Americans “in the image and likeness of a Ronald Reagan of a Margaret Thatcher” might end today.

She fought hard to get a better ranking in the Iowa caucuses. She visited 99 Iowa counties in a week and a half but despite all that, polls show her finishing last. And if most analysts say that the Iowa caucuses are going to change the whole race and truly benefit the winner, Michele Bachmann feels that Iowa is just the beginning.

She told Fox on Tuesday she wouldn’t stop campaigning if she came up short in Iowa. In fact Bachmann keeps saying there will be “a lot more changes” and no matter what she will not give up on her bid.

According to Reuters, Romney is aiming for a win in Iowa that will ease doubts regarding his record and “propel him toward clinching the nomination early”. Meanwhile, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann “are fighting for at least a fourth-place finish”, Newt Gingrich is aiming to “end his slide and prove he can make a comeback”, while Rick Santorum is trying to “emerge as the leading conservative alternative to Romney”.

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