Teenagers ask Justin Bieber out to prom

Justin Bieber, the teen pop sensation f the moment, recently got invited to proms by several teenagers. Even though the events dates are in 2012, his fans want to book him up eatlier.

17-year-old Cady Eimer is in her junior year, but can hardy wait for the prom next year. Reading the latest news, she got inspired by the recent invites that the Marines made to celebrities for the Marine Corps Ball on November 18. First, Sgt. Scott Moore invited actress Mila Kunis to the ball. He taped a short video in Afghanistan where he is placed. In the video he presented himself and made the proposal. He uploaded the video on YouTube and asked everyone to help him accomplish his goal. Later in an interview he said that even though it was transformed into a bet, his proposal to Mila Kunis was a dream he had for a long time. He also admits that it has been a long shot asking her to the ball, but decided to take the chance anyway. And with the help of the media and a very convincing Justin Timberlake – who told Mila she definitely has to say yes to the invitation – Sgt. Scott Moore’s dream has come true. The girl said yes.

Later, Justin Timberlake was invited to the same event, too, by another marine, Kelsey DeSantis. He said he is flattered as he was never asked out by a woman before.

The third shot was Sgt. Ray Lewis’s, who also made a video, following the trend started by the two Marines before him. He invited Betty White, but the actress, who is 91 years old now, turned down the offer, saying she has a really tight schedule. In return, actress Linda Hamilton made a video in which she said she would go to Lewis to the Ball. Of course, “if he can’t find anyone else”.

Since then, several other invitations have been sent to the celebrities, not just from the Marines, but also from other people, including teenagers. The latest celebrity invited by a common person to an event is Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez’s beau has devoted admirers among the high school teens, this is a fact. One of them, however, took the chance of inviting him to her prom. Cady, 17, is from Virginia. On July 27, she created a website dedicated to one purpose only: to get Justin Bieber to go to the prom with her. The website is called “One Less Lonely Prom”.

Justin Bieber hasn’t got the chance to respond in any way to the invitation when another invitation was sent his way. This time it was from a boy who made a video in which he asked Bieber to go with him to the prom. He says he is not gay, but the girl whom he wants to invite will probably turn him down.He also says that unlike girls, he will not freak out if Bieber says yes and he will not be jealous if Selena Gomez comes as well.
See his video below:

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