TCL S3800 series (Roku TV), an interesting smart TV

On the smart TV market, there is a huge variety of TVs that practically are doing the same thing. However, Roku has managed to step forward and come with some interesting alternatives.

Even if other smart TVs are featuring limited app selection, extra features that users don’t need or complex interfaces, Roku comes with some interesting and useful apps, menus a child can use, full customization, constant updates and better search. Users who don’t own a Roku TV can buy a Roku streaming device that can be paired on their existing TV.

TCL S3800 series has been released with a Roku’s smart built-in and it is one of those TVs that don’t need a separate hooking streamer. Besides TLC, there are only two TVs that share the same feature and they are Insignia and Sharp. These TVs are perfect for every living room or bedroom and used by people who value streaming.

Even if TLC doesn’t match the image quality delivered by other well-known brands, it compensates with its interesting features. However, if customers value the image quality more, they can buy an expensive TV that delivers a high quality picture and they can just attach a Roku streamer. But for those who doesn’t have a large budget, TLC is the perfect TV.

TCL S3800’s design is pretty simple, with a glossy black frame, silver accent and a cute Roku TV logo. The TV comes with a pair of legs placed far to the edges which give an interesting look. Probably, the main part of this TV that shows Roku’s footprint is the remote.

Yes, it is the same simplest full-function TV-clicker that users will also find on the streamer. This remote includes the trademark purple cursor control, a short number of buttons required for video control, menu navigation and side-mounted volume/mute. To be mentioned that TLC’s remote control doesn’t come with dedicated buttons for sleep timer and game mode, like Sharp’s and Insignia’s remotes. Users will have to go to the menu to activate those functions.

Moreover, Roku TV is probably the only smart TV that features a high number of apps like Google Play Movies, Sling TV, Watch ESPN, Showtime Anytime, CBS All Access, Comedy Central, Rdio and Amazon Music. These apps are usually the most up-to-date versions. 

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