Tareq Salahi Wants To Be Virginia Governor

Tareq Salahi would not have been a name you’d know had it not been for his White House party crasher moment or his wife, Michaele, once part of the “Real Housewives of D.C.” casting. But, Tareq Salahi is ready to step into politics, by running as a Republican for the Virginia Governor seat. Figure he’s got any chances?

For many people going into politics is a longtime dream and they run their lives based on that purpose alone. It’s hard to say the same about Tareq Salahi. Or at least that’s what his track history points to. The 2009 state dinner incident at the White House is without a doubt the sort of event that can heavily impact your bid for Governor of Virginia.

But, whether or not Tareq Salahi had the wish to become Governor for a long time, the man did work with the Virginia Tourism Board for three years. The White House dinner incident lead directly to his career on the board, after Governor Tim Kaine got news of the issue.

Tareq Salahi doesn’t seem to have thought things over accordingly. His history in the media archive doesn’t exactly point him out to be the right man for Virginia Governor. Plus with recent incidents such as his wife’s affair with Journey guitarist Neal Schon don’t help either.

Last September, Tareq Salahi and his wife, Michaele were making the headlines. Tareq was on TV back then looking for his wife he thought was kidnapped. But after filing a missing persons report and getting the media all pumped up with the news, Michaele cleared the air. She wasn’t kidnapped. She was just traveling by the guitarist’s side.

But besides all these incidents, Tareq Salahi seems to be quite confident he will become Virginia Governor. Salahi explained he is running for Governor because he is  “troubled to see how our current political figure heads continue to waste tax payer dollars during these difficult economic times”. He made a bid in favor of “limited government, keeping taxes, regulation and litigation low”.

According to the application CNN got from Salahi’s spokesman, he will run for Governor as a Republican. But analysts saw he already messed up the application by filling the wrong election date.

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